Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shopping Extravaganza

So this past weekend I contacted my crafting buddy Jennifer and drove over to her house.  Her sewing studio is so incredibly awesome!  I am so envious of it.  Anyways, she has been cleaning the room up a bit and working on eliminating excess clutter by selling certain fabrics in her stash.  I went through some of these fabrics and want to show you guys what I ended up purchasing.  

So I apparently have a new found fascination with owls.  I am currently working on an owl quilt for one of my nieces.  Perhaps the cuteness of that project has inspired this current fad for me.

These are awesomely funky!  I love them and will hopefully draw motivation and inspiration from their awesomeness.

I really liked these as well and hope to find ways to incorporate them into future projects.

I practically begged Jennifer for these fabric squares for quite some time.  She had a hard time departing with them as they are no longer made and this was all she had left.  The pattern I have calls for this line of fabric.  I could certainly choose other fabrics on my own, but really wanted to try the pattern out as it was meant to be.  I am thrilled that she finally gave in to my inquiries!

Okay folks, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm wanting to sew a bit before bed.  Please stay tuned for upcoming photos of my finished owl quilt that I mentioned above.


  1. It was awesome seeing you guys Tim. Thanks for helping me clean up my stash!!!

  2. Hi Tim - Jennifer is a good blogging friend and she mentioned your blog, so I came by to check it out. Love your new fabrics - Jennifer has great taste in fabrics! I look forward to seeing your finished owl quilt.

  3. Coming to visit from Jennifer's place...Best Wishes with your blog and your quilting.
    Mama Bear