Friday, April 15, 2011

Igor Says Hey!

OMG!  Hey!  My name is Bad Igor! What’s your name?! Whats your favorite treat?!  I like dust! I also like my mama-pug, he’s the one that doesn’t sew, he holds me at night when he gets home and while he is staring at the fake window with animals and people that aren’t really there.  My mama-pug & daddy think I have attention deficit disorder but I don’t…I have a bad eye so I can only pay attention to half of what a normal pug would.  What was your favorite treat again?  I’m learning tricks, I can sit and I can push Otis away from the food bowl.  OH!  I have two sisters too, they have something called ‘cats.’  I feel sorry for them because they can’t bark and they sleep way too much…they also have to poop in a box under the stairs filled with little rocks…very strange…I like pooping in grass.  One time a really long time ago I had to leave my mama-pug, daddy, sisters and stupid brother for a WHOLE DAY!   *snort & sigh* My mama-pug took me to get fixed, I’m not sure what I had broken, but he always knows where the food is, so I trust him.  Do you want to know my most favoritist thing in the world?!  STICKS!  OMG I love sticks!  They are great, you can pick them up and chew on them and they all taste different, I LOVE STICKS!  Okay, I need to find a stick now.  BYE!

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