Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorful Cup of Joe

Although this posting has nothing to do with my sewing, all you coffee lovers out there should appreciate it.  So Jeremy heard about a business called Sociable Art through our buddy Lauren.  The owner, Arianne, is a painter, specifically a muralist.  Her business involves hosting a painting class, of sorts, at one of several local venues (local being within an hour or so driving distance from Raleigh).  Each class has a specific painting that will be the subject of that evening.  Last night Jeremy and I attended one of these classes at the Steele Street Coffee & Wine Bar in downtown Sanford, NC.  Our subject, a coffee cup with a beautifully colored background, was quite fitting of the awesome venue.  The photo shown here is Arianne's creation:

I love the perspective of the cup as well as the lighting and shading for the darker shadowy areas.  Now take a look at Jeremy's and then mine respectively.

As you can see, our paintings are not nearly as masterful as Arianne's.  Last night I was honestly quite disappointed to the point of being upset because I was expecting mine to come out looking similar to hers.  I don't know why I thought that mine would be the spitting image of hers.  I let myself get lost in emotion and ended up saying that I hated my painting.  I have decided after sleeping on it, however, that I should appreciate the many other talents that I do have and perhaps step back and focus on the good things about my painting instead of the bad.  For instance, I really like my background.  I feel that it turned out quite nice.  I love how Jeremy was able to master the shadow of the cup onto the saucer.  That turned out quite well in his painting!

Aside from my little tantrum we enjoyed the evening very much.  We are signed up to attend another session at a different locale in a week or so.  I'll have to check out the dates, but it will be in time for Mother's Day and the subject for that week will be the perfect gift for moms!


  1. Coffee lover here. First of all the mural painting/classes sound awesome! Secondly, I think your coffee cups look equally delicious. I can empathize with the emotional turmoil with your work. I do the same thing. It takes me longer than overnight though to usually find the positives--congratulations!

  2. I love both of your paintings, they are awesome. I always wanted to paint. Sounds like a fun class. Enjoy your weekend.