Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pugly Inspiration

Hello everyone!  We are Igor and Otis and we wanted to show ourselves off while our daddy wasn't looking.  He took these pictures of us the other day and told us that he wanted to show them off anyways, so he shouldn't be too mad that we have created this post.

These pictures are of my crazy, rambunctious little brother Igor:

And this handsome stud is me, Otis:

I'll give you all a moment to catch your breath after taking in all of the cuteness you just experienced. now that you know how absolutely irresistable we are, you should understand when I tell you guys that our daddy lets us get away with a lot.  He does get kind of upset at us sometimes, but we give him "the look" and he forgives us pretty quickly.

We really like it when our daddy is in his sewing room because it stays closed and is a forbidden area unless he's in there.  We drag every toy we can find into the room in an effort to try and divert his attention from whatever project he's working on at that time to throwing our toys for us to fetch and fight over.  Oh, before I forget, he is working on a new quilt.  It looks like it will be really neat!  It's his first attempt at applique and it looks like it's going pretty well so far.  I will be sure to share some pictures of it when he finishes.

Igor is nipping at my paws, so it's getting kind of difficult to type.  I will be sure to follow up with you as soon as I get another opportunity.  Until then, bark less and wag more.  Woof!!

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  1. Otis - you and your brother are two handsome fellas. Make sure your daddy spends more time in that sewing room of his, he is much too talented not to!!