Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yay!! Daddies Make Messes Too!!!!!

OMG you guys......It has been so crazy around here.  Me and my big brother Otis have had lots of fun watching our daddies destroying the house.  For some reason they decided that it would be fun to rip up the floor in the kitchen.  I'm here to tell you that it WAS fun, a lot of fun!!  It made the house smell funny and it also got really dusty after Mama Pug cut a hole in the ceiling in the living room and put a light in, which really added to the messiness.  There was stuff everywhere for me and Otis to sniff and taste, but my daddies kept telling me not to eat anything from the floor because the stuff they called glue would make me sick.  Here's a picture of me trying to offer my assistance in the kitchen.

I'm standing on the floor after the sheet vinyl was taken out.  Daddies had to scrape the left over paper and glue off the concrete before they could put tile down.

They worked really hard and didn't pet me much because they were so busy.  It was okay though because I had fun exploring the debris with Otis and my sissies the kitties. 

Take a look at what the kitchen looks like now......

Now I don't know about you, but I liked it when it was torn apart and messy.  My daddies seem to really like the new stuff though so I guess as long as they are happy I will try to like it.  Now if you'll excuse me.......since the mess is all cleaned up I have to go entertain myself by harassing my big brother and my sissies.  Maybe after that I'll go search for sticks and my new favorite snack, worms.  After I finish all that I will climb up onto the back of the couch and take a nap. 

Okay!  Bye!!


  1. very nice, guys! Wish I had that kind of motivation ~ I think I'll go pet a puppy. That's the best I can do in this heat....


  2. Looks awesome! You guys did an awesome job - you too Igor!